Hey you,

My name is Ditte Elton and I come from a small village in Denmark. Until the age of 21 I struggled with a lot of health issues. Luckily I ran into a man named John, who told me I could get help from this lady named Silke. Thank God I took his advice because she did! From one day to another my life got flipped around and I am no longer struggling with those issues anymore. What a miracle! 

Ever since I've been trying to find a way to give back to the world. A way to say thank you and to help others who might be going through a similar thing as I went through. That's why I started my blog and podcast. In my podcast I will be interviewing people who have made life better for others. People sharing stories of their own healing journey and people who just can't help but do good in this world.

Stories can be powerful. If it wasn't because of this man who told me about Silke I would never have been helped. Perhaps you'll read or listen to something on this page that could help someone you know or maybe even yourself. 

All the best,