My name is Ditte Elton and I come from Denmark. 

Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with stories and storytelling. Weather it was telling stories through acting on a stage or around the dinner table among family and friends, it has always been that one thing that would make me the most happy. 

I believe that stories can be so incredibly powerful and that we can change the world through them. It is like passing on the baton of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration that has been passed down to us from our ansestors since the beginning of Time. The stories are endless and although the tales that you will find on this page hardly is a fraction of how many wonderful stories that are out there, I have handpicked the one's that are closest to my heart.

My hope is that by sharing these stories you might hear or read something that can help you or benefit your life, or someone that you know, in a positive way. You might just find that missing link you’ve been searching for - that missing piece in your Life's Puzzle. 

Thank you for everything you do in this world and the light that you share with the people around you. 


Lots of love, 

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  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher at Nada Yoga School, Rishikesh, India

  • EFT/TFT therapist (Emotional Freedom Technique/Thought Field Therapy) at Myging Institute, Denmark 

  • Reiki Healing Level 1, New York, USA

  • Actor at The Barrow Group Theatre & School, New York, USA 

"You will hear the waterfall before you see it.
Get still, listen closely, hear it and you will find it."

Ditte Elton