Thank You..

For even considering donating to me and my work.


Since I started my podcast in 2019 I have been so blessed to have met so many incredible people. I feel honored to share this time and space with them and to be able to share the with you two. 
I LOVE the work and by donating to this course it ables me to continue doing this. 

At the moment I am just doing this in my spare time and out of my own pocket but what a dream it could be if I one day got to do it full time.

You are the reason why I am able to continue and thank you for that! 

Ways to donate:


Ditte Højbjerg Madsen

+45 6174 1581 

From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU for this donation. It makes a huge difference in my world! 

Bless you and your loved ones.